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Ice Fishing

Do you like catching Walleye? Eating Walleye?  

This is famous Lake Dauphin where walleye, pike and several other species are VERY abundant.

We are on Lake Dauphin, at the mouth of the Valley River, the best spot on the lake for consistent walleyes. We specialize in putting anglers on fish in winter through the ice.

Come and enjoy what hundreds of anglers do each day, catch walleyes all day long from heated ice fishing huts on the ice! It is a very enjoyable and comfortable fishing experience. If you have not tried it before you should seriously consider it. It is like a little village out here with all sorts of different ice huts scattered all over the lake. From daylight to dawn the fishing is awesome, and they taste even better!

Enjoy the fantastic fishing in our heated ice fishing shacks on the ice!

Eat and Sleep in our wonderful accommodations beside the Lake! 

Winter Ice shack rentals and Lodge/Cabin accommodations! 

Rent our Main Lodge or a Cabin and relax in comfort when off the ice. Or book the whole camp for up to 20+ people! Make it a family get together or business getaway!

Here are some our very affordable rates:

A.  Daily Ice Shack rental =$75/person (Min $225 rate)

B. 1day/1night basic pkg= $150/person includes: 1 nights stay,

1 day fishing. (min 2 people) 

C. 1 day/1night semi guided pkg = $200/person includes: 1 nights stay,

1 day fishing, shuttle on/off ice, holes drilled, fire started. (min 2 people)

D. Fully guided= Contact us for details and pricing.

We can also offer any of the below services:

  • Fully guided
  • Fishing tackle/gear
  • Meals with accommodations
  • Fish cleaning/packaging
  • Bait
  • Shuttle on/off the lake

 We host the seasoned "DIYer" or first time "never done it b4's".

If you want to catch fish?

Call us toll free 1-866-214-8402 or

click here and fill out the form.

Contact us form

Contact us to discuss the trip options and specific rates & dates.


Things to Bring

  • Winter clothing.
  • Rod and Tackle (hooks) -we can outfit you if needed
  • Food for cooking in your cabin-we can offer meals for groups of people
  • Favorite beverages
  • Favorite Snacks
  • Camera
  • Cooler for taking home fillets
  • We can give you a full list of things to bring after we discuss your desired package. 

 Weather forecast click here


Before you book please inform all members in your fishing party- Conservation Limits Only 

Dauphin Lake is a managed lake with Conservation limits and slot sizes for fish. Conservation limit of 4 walleye and all keepers must be 45cm and under. These are the only acceptable limits allowed in our facilities and property. No other harvest limits will be allowed in or on Riverside Lodge property or facilities. No exceptions.   

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