Bear Hunting Prices

Species- Black Bear (66% Color Phase)

We have grown our bear business again!

Each year we are improving and increasing the quality of what we offer. We are proud to announce that we have expanded our Bear hunting allocation and available tags. We purchased 2 more excellent bear hunting areas exclusively for Riverside Lodge guests. Combined our 4 huge areas have over 50 active baits to hunt plus we add more baits every year!

Did you miss out on booking a trip with us? 

We were sold out but we now have:

  • more available hunts for this fall 2019 (Sept & Oct)
  • more available hunts for 2020/21
  • more baits and larger area, all connected together forming one huge area of over 3 million acres!

If you would like to more details please contact us thru the many ways on this site.
Please share this email/ website with anyone who desires a great bear hunt. We have "fixed" many other dreadful bear hunting experiences.

*Note* - 5 B&C bears killed in 2017, 2 confirmed All book qualifiers! Many more P&Y. Big Bears are normal for us, but apparently this many in one year is a big deal when comparing with other places.

Season: Spring & Fall -Archery, Muzzle loader, Rifle

Opening dates for Bear season change each year, please contact us for exact opening dates, which will always start on Monday.

  • Spring - April 30- Middle of June. Resident, Non-Resident, Foreign Resident
  • Fall - Beginning of Sept - End of October. Resident, Non-Resident, Foreign Resident

    Trying to decide which season to hunt? Click here-What is the difference between Spring and Fall Bear hunting?

    Arrive on Sunday and depart the following Saturday.  Hunts are 6 nights stay, & 5 days of hunting!

    Package Pricing

    2020 Price US Funds=$3600.00/hunter

    Unlike most other outfits, you won't need to cook or clean, nor eat at the "greasy spoon", nor stay in town at a motel. Our price includes magnificent meals and accommodations provided right here at our Lodge! You just relax, enjoy the week as it should be and let us treat you right. This is what providing great service is all about. Plan to gain a little weight here because we're a hunting lodge not a health spa. And nobody leaves hungry. When you call ask about the many different dishes we serve, with deserts.

    Also included in the price!

    Like to catch Fish before or after your bear hunt? Yes CATCH fish, Walleye and Pike are abundant here and you can even catch them right off the dock 50 steps from the lodge. Enjoy a delicious shore lunch of fried walleye during the week, and take a limit home too! (Common species= Walleye, Pike, Drum, Smallmouth Bass, Bullhead, Perch)

    One of the many important factors, on any outfitted hunt is our amazing staff! We employ only the best in the business to ensure your trip is the finest. I can't stress how important great staff is for providing a great experience. Seasoned traveling hunters will back that claim from their past experiences with various Lodges and Outfitter's employees, some great and some not so great. That is where your success starts on your trip, leaving the work to us, you just enjoy the hunt.

    You will be happy to know there are NO black flies, no-seeum's or any other biting flies, only mosquitoes and thermacells work great on them! Scroll down to see the list of inclusions and things to bring.

    We should have a conversation to cover all the great details. There is more to explain than we can write about here.

    We also have a list of references-we encourage you to call and ask them all about us. Here are a few excerpts from the growing list Testimonials

    We would be happy to explain all about it anytime, Contact Us, or call us Toll Free at 1-866-214-8402.

    All Guided Hunts Include

    • All applicable taxes
    • Clean, warm private accommodations
    • All bedding, towels, etc
    • Daily housekeeping
    • 3 hearty mouthwatering meals/day
    • Assortment of major hunting equipment
    • 1 expert guide per 2-3 hunters
    • Friendly personal service and use of all facilities
    • Big game trophy handling and freezing
    • Professional Outdoorsmen (Guiding and Lodging Outfitter)
    • Tips and info to share with you from our many years of experience

    Not Included In Guided Hunts

    • Hunting License (Big Game hunts add $100.00 for non-resident Government Allocation fee)
    • Soft drinks, snacks, etc
    • Taxidermy; nor shipping of trophy or meat
    • Personal hunting equipment
    • Pre/post hunt accommodations and travel
    • Alcoholic beverages
    • Gratuities

    Deposits Required To Book Your Hunt

    • $500.00 per hunter to reserve a spot years in advance.
    • $500.00 (total of $1000) of remaining deposit balance due by January 1st, the year of your hunt.
    • Balance of hunt price due 60 days before arrival.

    *All deposits and final payments are non-refundable.

    Payments are to be made out to:

    Riverside Lodge
    PO Box 358
    Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada R7N 2V2

    What To Bring

    For all of our hunts we want to remind hunters to bring any medications, puffers, Eppipen or allergy medication if you are allergic to bee stings, etc. We are a fair distance from any emergency services and while hunting the response time is even greater. There are no air-ambulances locally.

    • Camouflage or hunter green clothing
    • Blaze orange hat/togue and vest for the fall hunt
    • Thermacell or Mosquito repellent and/or Mosquito netting jacket, head gear, etc. (no black flies here! Just mosquitoes)
    • Safety harness and lanyard
    • Firearm and ammunition
    • Waterproof walking boots
    • Rain gear
    • Knee high rubber boots
    • Light jacket
    • Light footwear for around camp/lodge
    • Insulated jacket
    • Headwear - light
    • Headwear - insulated
    • Gloves - light
    • Gloves or Mitts - insulated
    • Insulated pants or jumpsuit or long underwear
    • Personal effects, such as medication, toiletries, alcohol and tobacco
    • Cooler (if you wish to take meat/trophy home)
    • Passport is now required
    • Hunter safety Certification
    • Border crossing forms pre filled. (Firearms declaration form 1-800-731-4000), info @ Canada customs 1-800-461-9999
    • Travel arrangements made and confirmed
    • Camera
    • Optional- Any old unwashed T-shirt of yours that you don't mind giving to the "bears".
    • Thermos

    The Weather

    The weather is usually very pleasant in May, June, September and October but some mornings can be quite cold. Temps range from 75 F to 40 F.

    It may snow in October but more likely in November and December. One should be prepared for winter weather after approximately November 1st when temperatures can be 10 F and colder. It is not uncommon to have some snowfall in May either, so be prepared.

    Hunting in winter conditions can be very pleasant so long as one is properly dressed, and has the necessary equipment.

    Hunters Please Note

    All hunters are required to sight in their rifles at our range on day of arrival. Allow for arrival in daylight and extra ammunition accordingly.

    All Hunters - Hunter safety Certification is required to purchase a hunting license in Manitoba.

    Wounded policy- If the animal is hit but not recovered, the hunt is considered complete and the hunt is over. Rest assured we will search as hard as physically possible with available sign to track the animal. It is best if you make a perfect shot so practice lots before your hunt. Give us a call to discuss particulars.

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    As we continue to expand more hunts become available. Right now we have 2 more bear tags/hunts available for this fall! 

    Weeks available are Sept 15th or Oct 6th your choice. Take both tags for a discounted price.

    Come and get a pair like these! 21+ Alltime B&C and a highly sought after blonde! Happens all the time here.

    Lily's 3 colored bear mount is done!


    Perfect bear to show our exceptional color phase potential 

    Bear and goose sausage


    Great day to bbq, bear and goose sausage! 

    Offering more of our great bear hunting!


    Not only do we have more area to hunt, we have more available bear hunting tags to offer! 

    2019 spring bear season report


    That's a wrap, our 2019 spring bear season is over and what a great year it was.

    Bear hunting stats

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