Youth Hunting

Youth Hunting

Our 2008 youth hunt was sponsored by Manitoba Wildlife Federation, Delta waterfowl and Ducks Unlimited, Sticky's Bait and Tackle and Riverside Lodge. Special thanks to Chris Hoover (Volunteer mentor), Don Stoketelny (Sticky, sponsor and mentor).

It was a fantastic weekend, from the minute the kids arrived to the last duck plucked. All the kids were pumped and were very responsible youngsters. The weekend started with a class on Safety, ethics, birds ID, calling techniques, hunt set ups, and then off to the range for gun patterning. This part proved helpful to let the kids see how their gun and ammo performed on a target, so they could better imagine what happens on a bird.

After supper was a scouting trip in the boats to plan our hunt for the morning. With an early breakfast the morning turned out perfect for hunting. Chris Hoover had his big Luisianna Mud motor boat there. It is a huge flat boat with a design built blind and even steps and platform for the dog. Inside there is a hot plate for cooking breakfast and plenty of room for hunters and gear. We also used our duck boats and set up in a flooded bank along the river. It seemed the teal and several other species of birds really wanted to be there.

The kids did really well and we hunted till noon. We returned to the lodge for lunch and some bird cleaning 101. With full stomachs, sore shoulders, big smiles and a handful ducks complete with recipies to cook them, they said goodbye and thank you.

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