Manitoba Waterfowl Hunting Outfitters

Manitoba Waterfowl Hunting Outfitters

Riverside Lodge is now booking waterfowl hunts for the 2022-2023 Manitoba waterfowl hunting season.

Manitoba Waterfowl Hunting Mecca

This was built here more than 50 years ago, for good reason! You have to hunt where the birds want to be, that is here!

Riverside Lodge and area is well known for the tremendous Waterfowl migrations which historically take place each fall on our major flyway for at least 15 species of ducks and geese. It is a natural flyway for the migration from the north because the big lakes are a magnet to birds on their way south. Divers like Canvasbacks and Redheads will hold up on Lake Dauphin often waiting until the bitter end when ice forces them to move out. Puddle Ducks and geese make the lake home also waiting for snow to fly out sometime in November. These birds are very comfortable here with the lakes for refuge and area grain crops for feed. No other place provides the hunting opportunities found here. As you can see in the video our location is perfect for offering spectacular water-based and field-based hunting. The best duck hunting on the lake is right off our property and the best goose hunting in the parkland surrounds us. Once here you will be anxious to get out and hunt all the birds that teased you on the way in.

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Field Goose & Puddle Duck Hunts

Field Goose & Puddle Duck Hunts

We deliver exceptional field hunts for geese and ducks. I personally know many of the farmers in the Parkland area and getting permission on the barley, corn and wheat fields is never a problem. We have consistent success on our field shoots due to proper scouting and landowner relationships. We hunt from layout blinds and/or vertical blinds over a great assortment of full-body, shells, silo and sock decoys if the conditions dictate it. We use the latest tools available to increase your success and comfort. We run 2-4 different rigs pulling trailers loaded with gear and equipment to deliver a great field hunt. Most often we can drive right out in the field but other times we bring our ATVs and trailers to get the gear and hunters on and off the fields. We typically target Canada geese but often get a chance at decoying flocks of Snows during a hunt. On the right field, we will target snows and put out a large spread. The goose hunting is every bit as good as the duck hunting often having mallards hitting the spread before the geese. A bit of calling and a wave of a flag may be all that is needed to fill limits. And we have some generous limits, see below.

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Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting

We have the equipment and knowledge to Safely hunt the big water for ducks. We hunt divers and puddle ducks in the same day, as you can see in our photos pages, bagging 10 species in a morning is very common. We have a friendly Lodge rule to shoot drakes only. Come see the clean water, all the wildlife and the smell of the marsh, it will surely make your day.

Riverside Lodge has been outfitting waterfowl trips since 1961 and the hunting is as good as it ever was.

We adhere to all game laws and provide ethical fair chase hunts. The hunting is very much like it was many years ago, not much has changed, only the hunters and equipment. We are all professionally trained and licensed Manitoba hunting guides. Mother nature will always keep it interesting making every hunt a new experience. We call this "The University we never graduate from".

Waterfowl Species

Waterfowl Species

  • Canvasbacks
  • Redheads
  • Mallards
  • Pintails
  • Ring Neck
  • Greater and Lesser Scaup
  • Widgeon
  • Blue & Green Wing Teal
  • Bufflehead
  • Goldeneye
  • Wood Duck
  • Shoveler
  • Canada Goose
  • Snow Goose
  • And more!
Why Are We The Best Choice For A Waterfowl Hunt?

Why Are We The Best Choice For A Waterfowl Hunt?

Have you ever been on a guided hunt with an outfitter and for whatever reason the hunt doesn't work out as planned? Tons of rain keep you off the fields? Lack of birds and nobody knows why? If only the outfitter had another option to save your day of hunting but nope, it's a bust and everyone hopes tomorrow is better, especially since your days are limited.

At Riverside Lodge, you can rest assured that even in dire circumstances, we can still get you out. There will be no reason not to have an enjoyable day when you book with us. We have the people and equipment to turn what looks like a bad day, into a day of fun. With the many offerings, this area provides there is no reason to be bored while here.

Some of the many options we can offer: Field hunting, Boat Based hunting, Lakeshore blinds, Pothole hunting, Upland hunting, and Walleye/Pike fishing, field scouting, and area tours. Where else has so many backup plans to save your day?

Book with us for a worry-free trip. You will not be disappointed.

Call us and we can elaborate on our hunting tactics and success.

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That middle honker has Christmas Goose written all over it!!

That middle honker has Christmas Goose written all over it!!

Waterfowl Hunting

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