What to Expect on your Whitetail Hunt in Manitoba

What to Expect on your Whitetail Hunt in Manitoba

An early breakfast in the lodge, grab your lunche and gear for the day and we are off. Travel to the stands is in the dark which will be via Truck, Atv's or Snowmobiles, pending conditions. You will have a radio to communicate with us and we pick you up shortly after legal shooting time. Bring WARM clothes and anything else compact to aid in a comfortable quiet sit.

We have comfortable stands and will get you and your gear there with out you breaking sweat, but please prepare for some cold extremities, warm boots and mitts are a must. Unfortunately cold weather makes for the best deer action. Contact us for suggestions on appropriate gear as we have seen lots and know what doesn't work. We do however have a number of heated tree stand blinds and ground blinds.

A range finder may be handy to measure distances because the Buck usually won’t give you long to place a bead. Calling is permitted but we ask to refrain from unnecessary use, to prevent educating bucks. Rattling horns can be productive as well. Most attention needs to be paid to scent control and hunters movement and that all come back to clothing and being comfortable. We also provide "Pee" jugs for scent control.

What To Bring

  • Camouflage or hunter green clothing.
  • Insulated jacket
  • Insulated pants or jumpsuit and long underwear
  • Headwear - insulated
  • Gloves or Mitts - insulated
  • Blaze orange hat/togue and vest
  • Light footwear for around camp/lodge
  • Safety harness and lanyard
  • Firearm and ammunition
  • Range Finder (optional)
  • Personal effects, such as medication, toiletries, alcohol and tobacco.
  • Cooler (if you wish to take game home)
  • Passport is required in some cases
  • Border crossing forms pre filled. (firearms declaration form 1-800-731-4000), info at Canada customs 1-800-461-9999
  • Travel arrangements made
  • Camera

    (contact us for specifics on gear required for certain Big Game seasons)

Tent Camp-Additional Items To Bring

All Big Game hunters are required to sight in their rifles at our range on day of arrival. Allow for arrival in daylight and extra ammunition accordingly.

  • Warm sleeping bag (if flying let us know and we will provide them)
  • Towels, facecloth, shampoo
  • Extra socks
  • Book to read while relaxing at camp and for rainy days
  • Flashlight
  • Extra batteries for electronics
  • We always try to return back to the lodge on time, but if bad weather hinders safe travel we will stay put till it is safe to travel. Also, the area we hunt does not have fast responding emergency services, in fact there is virtually none. So if you require any medication, pack extra in case of delayed departure.

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