Riverside Lodge Manitoba Expert Staff

Riverside Lodge Manitoba Expert Staff

Here you will find some of most dedicated trustworthy professional staff. From the dock hand to the head guide, everyone pulls their weight and more when required. Unlike many places these days, we still work hard here, and i won't have it any other way. Now, that doesn't mean you. We bust our buts before you arrive so when you are here a few days you might say "this job doesn't look that hard". We take those comments as compliments. When guests are here, they have our full attention. We take care to ensure everyone is treated fairly and equally. Safety is always first priority of every step. The knowledge and experience of our guides is exemplary as they are some of the best and prove it every year.

Here are the staff in no particular order:



Don (Sticky)

Don (Sticky)



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Homegrown harvest


Ultimate organic nourishment 

Not a bird, bear or a buck!


Common to see painted turtles here but this

Bear hunting rig


Heading out to hunt bear,

3 month old pup leaping off bed


 3 month old Remington learning to jump off bed!

New Hunting Dogs


See the 2 newest members of the Riverside Lodge hunting dog crew!

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