Frequently Asked Questions About Hunting in Manitoba

Frequently Asked Questions About Hunting in Manitoba

What is the best caliber for a Black Bear Hunt?

Regarding a caliber, we like to see .30 Cal and up. Anything smaller is not intended for bear nor typical conditions at a bear bait. We appreciate a dead bear within 100 yds and a good blood trail if not. Bears are very interesting creatures and tough to put down, trust me on that you wants all the odds in your favor.

Which of your guns are you most comfortable shooting?

Shot placement is most important so I discourage anyone from shooting a caliber that they are not comfortable with. A properly placed bullet always results in a dead bear.

What is the best broad heads for archery Black Bear?

There are many brands and styles available today and we can’t keep up with all of them. However for several reasons we believe in fixed blade durability and less to go wrong. Bears have thick course hair, thick hide and highest bone density of all NA Big Game animals.

The thing about actually knowing for sure how a broad head performed is if a black bear is wounded it is chalked up to a bad shot. We can’t investigate without a dead bear to examine. We always autopsy dead bears while skinning them and it is awesome to see the slicing performance and resulting blood loss. The one that works best is always first a properly placed arrow. You have to balance equipment capability with personal ability, therefore practice is the best broad head.

Manitoba regulations allows either fixed or mechanical broad heads. “Run what ya brung”

Is spring or fall better for hunting bears in Canada?

One is not better than the other but there are some big differences. I will attempt to provide more details below.

Do Bears in Manitoba eat more in the spring or fall?

Bears emerge from dens in the spring and they need some time to kick start their digestive system. Fresh greens are great for digestion and we often see bears up in the south facing tree tops eating buds. In the fall, bears are all about carbs and fats and if baits are set up properly, bears will consistently visit baits.


Unlike whitetails or moose, the rut for bears occurs only in the spring, late May and early June. This can be one of the most exciting time to hunt bears as they are marking and territorial behaviors going on.

Bear Rubbing

Normally, bear rubbing takes place in the spring. There are a variety of factors that play in to the intensity of rubbing activity, wood ticks, temperatures and other factors. Some years show more rubbing activities than others and the reason for this is not fully understood. Most rubs are on the rear have of the bear but it is important for hunters to get a good look at a bear before shooting in the spring.

Are Black Coats Better in the Spring or Fall?

In the spring bears have a very thick winter coat that helped them survive the winter. In the fall, the hair is shorter but the coat is thick and often shiny due to quality food consumption.
Hunters ask which coat is nicer and it is really a matter of preference. 

How Big are Black Bears in Manitoba

Bears are bigger in the fall. Fall bears are fat and round. Spring bears can be very big in Manitoba as well, where habitat and genetics are the best in the world.

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