What to Expect on your Waterfowl Hunt in Manitoba

What to Expect on your Waterfowl Hunt in Manitoba

We always plan to show your group the best we have, keeping in mind your preferred hunting style and target birds. However we won't make promises we can't keep and when dealing with nature nothing is a guarantee. What we strive for is a great experience everyday and if the birds or weather are not cooperating with Plan A, we adopt Plan B.

Our hunting goal is primarily focused on an exceptional morning hunt. This is where we put the majority of our effort into making unforgettable trips. Mornings field hunts for geese and ducks are the most common style of hunting with us but in certain cases we may take to the water for divers or other ducks.

We leave the grain land alone in the afternoons so we don't burn up a field we may want for the morning. A typical afternoon consists of a fun activity such as a water based duck hunt if necessary, walleye fishing trip, upland hunt, join a guide on a field scouting mission or take a tour of the area. We also have a skeet thrower if you wish to sharpen your eye on flying targets.

Note: We recommend that you arrive with a 4 wheel drive vehicle for you and your party to follow us to the field.

What To Bring

  • Camouflage or hunter green clothing.
  • Firearm and ammunition
  • Waterproof walking boots
  • Hip or chest waders
  • Good Rain gear (water proof!)
  • Light jacket
  • Insulated jacket
  • Headwear - light
  • Headwear - insulated
  • Gloves - light
  • Gloves or Mitts - insulated
  • Insulated pants or jumpsuit or long underwear
  • Blaze orange hat/togue and vest (if planning to Grouse hunt)
  • Light footwear for around camp/lodge
  • Personal effects, such as medication, toiletries, alcohol and tobacco.
  • Cooler (if you wish to take game home)
  • Passport is now required
  • Border crossing forms pre filled.( firearms declaration form 1-800-731-4000),info @ Canada customs 1-800-461-9999
  • Travel arrangements made
  • Travel crate for dog
  • Camera

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