Whitetail Hunting Prices

Species- Whitetail Deer

"We would rather explain PRICE once, than to apologize for QUALITY forever." 


$4200.00 US Please contact us for more info

  • Arrive on Sunday/Depart following Saturday
  • Hunts are 6 nights stay, 5 days hunting.

Unlike most other outfits, you won't need to cook or clean, eat at the "greasy spoon" or stay in town at a motel.

Our price includes magnificent meals and accommodations provided right here at our Lodge! You just relax, enjoy the week as it should be and let us treat you right. This is what providing great service is all about. Plan to gain a little weight here because we're a hunting lodge, not a health spa. And nobody leaves hungry. When you call ask about the many different dishes we serve, (with deserts). 

The service we provide is a great trip experience for you! An important factor, in any outfitted hunt, is the excellent staff! If you have been on a few guided trips you will agree that a hunting guide can make or break your hunt. We employ only the best and reward them well for their service to you and us. Seasoned traveling hunters will back that claim from their past experiences with us, just ask for our references. 

There is more to explain than we can write about here, a conversation tends to paint a better picture of what you can expect.

 We also have a list of references we encourage you to call and ask all about us. Here are a few excerpts from the growing list of Testimonials.

We would be happy to explain all about it anytime, Contact Us, or call us Toll-Free at 1-866-214-8402.

Included In All The Guided Hunts

  • All applicable taxes
  • Clean, warm private accommodations
  • All bedding, towels, etc
  • Daily housekeeping
  • 3 hearty mouthwatering meals/day
  • All transportation on hunts
  • Assortment of major hunting equipment
  • 1 expert guide per 2-3 hunters
  • Friendly personal service and use of all facilities
  • Big-game trophy handling and meat packaging/freezing.
  • Professional Outdoorsmen (Guiding and Lodging Outfitter)

What's Not Included

  • Hunting License Now only available online! Call us for details! (Big Game hunts add $100 non-resident Government Allocation fee) Please note that Federal Migratory game Bird Permits are now only available from Large Sporting goods stores and Online.
  • Ammunition
  • Soft drinks, snacks, etc
  • Taxidermy nor shipping of trophy or meat
  • Personal hunting equipment
  • Pre/post-hunt accommodations and travel
  • Bird cleaning (local cleaners available or DIY with staff assisted breasting in cleaning shack)
  • Alcohol beverages
  • Gratuities

Deposits Required To Book Your Hunt

  • $2000 deposit is required to book the hunt.
  • Balance of hunt price due 120 days before arrival.

Cancellation Policy

Click here to read our full Cancellation policy

As such is life things happen, which is why we highly recommend that you purchase a Trip Cancellation Insurance Policy from one of the many Insurance Companies in the market. Different packages will ensure your trip expenses to different levels of protection. We can not insure any of your trip costs or related expenses for you. 

All deposits and final payments are non-refundable, regardless of the circumstances.

All payments made out and mailed to:

Riverside Lodge
PO Box 358
Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada
R7N 2V2

What To Bring For Whitetail Deer Hunting

For all of our hunts, we want to remind hunters to bring any medications, puffers, Eppipen or allergy medication if you are allergic to bee stings, etc. We are a fair distance from any emergency services and while hunting the response time is even greater. There are no air-ambulances locally.

  • Weapon and ammo/arrows
  • Insulated jacket
  • Insulated pants or jumpsuit and long underwear
  • Headwear - insulated
  • Gloves or Mitts - insulated
  • Blaze orange hat/toque and vest (for ML & Rifle seasons)
  • Light footwear for in cabins & lodge
  • Safety harness and lanyard
  • Backpack
  • Headlamp or flashlight
  • Knife (handy to have)
  • calls & scents
  • Range Finder (optional)
  • Personal effects, such as medication, toiletries, alcohol and tobacco.
  • Cooler (extra one if you wish to take game meat home)
  • Passport 
  • Border crossing forms pre-filled. (ask us for firearms declaration form or call 1-800-731-4000), info at Canada customs 1-800-461-9999
  • Travel arrangements made
  • Camera
  • Thermos for coffee
  • Hunter safety 
  • Rubber tips and tape for packaging Antlers if flying home (please check w/airline rules)

Early Bow Season hunt additional list

  • Thermacell or Mosquito repellant and/or Mosquito netting jacket, headgear, etc. (no black flies here! Just mosquitoes)
  • Waterproof walking boots
  • Rain gear
  • Knee-high rubber boots
  • Light jacket
  • Light footwear for around camp/lodge
  • Insulated jacket
  • Headwear - light
  • Headwear - insulated
  • Gloves - light & insulated
  • Insulated pants or jumpsuit or long underwear
  • Contact us before your hunt and we can help you with planning your list. Winter season requires very warm clothes and footwear.

The Weather

The weather is usually very pleasant in May, June, September and October but some mornings can be quite cold. Temps range from 75 F to 40 F.

It may snow in October but more likely in November and December. One should be prepared for winter weather after approximately November 1st when temperatures can be 10 F and colder. It is not uncommon to have some snowfall in May either, so be prepared.

Hunting in winter conditions can be very pleasant so long as one is properly dressed, and has the necessary equipment.

Deer Hunters Please Note!

All hunters are required to sight in their weapons at our range on the day of arrival. Allow for arrival in daylight and extra ammunition accordingly.

All Hunters - Hunter safety Certification is required to purchase a hunting license in Manitoba. Hunting Licenses are now ONLY AVAILABLE ONLINE!

Wounded policy- If the animal is hit but not recovered, the hunt is considered complete and the hunt is over. Rest assured we will search as hard as physically possible with the available sign to track the animal. It is best if you make a perfect shot so practice lots before your hunt.

New Season offering: Fall Archery, Muzzleloader, Rifle

Ask about our Archery and Muzzleloader season hunts! We have been hunting these beasts for a long time, and that helped us narrow down some great ambush spots for a Fair Chase Archery or Muzzleloader hunt. In both of those seasons, you need to be in close and each has their own special undertakings for success. We want to show you what we have here!

Some of the positive points about this time of year/seasons are:

  • Weather is generally more pleasant allowing for more comfortable sits which is what it takes to harvest a trophy buck.
  • No other hunters, pressure is slim to none as residents are more interested in rifle season hunting.
  • Days are longer which allows for a more full-filling day with a Split Day hunt (mid-day break to do some activities like fishing or take a nap). Yup this should get your attention! (Only available with archery & early season muzzle-loader) 
  • Possible velvet buck!
  • Beautiful time of year with Fall change of colors.

Until our website is updated please contact us for dates and pricing for this hunt.

Our opening dates for Deer Season change from year to year, please contact me for exact opening dates which will always fall on a Monday. Below are time frames only:

  • Archery-Middle of Sept to Middle of Nov- Resident, Non-Resident, Foreign Resident
  • Muzzle Loader-Middle of Oct first weeks of Nov- Resident, Non-Resident, Foreign Resident
  • General Rifle-Last 3 weeks of Nov -Resident, Non-Resident, Foreign Resident

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