Ice Fishing Prices

"We would rather explain PRICE once than to apologize for QUALITY forever." 

Here are our affordable rates:

Options- These are our most common trip style requests. There is also the possibility to customize a package for you.

1. Wood-built Ice Shack daily rental: Includes per day: Wood frame insulated Ice Fishing Shack rental + firewood.

Weekday $50/person (min$150)

Weekend $75/person (min$225)


2. DIY 1-day/1-night basic pkg: 1-night stay(cabin or lodge pending availability), 1-day Woodframed Ice Fishing Shack rental. (min 2 people)     

Price per person=    Weekday rate $150/night     Weekend rate $170/night (Weekends require a 2-night stay min.) 


3.  Shuttle & Semi-Guided pkg: 1-day/1-night pkg: 1-night stay(cabin or lodge pending availability), 1-day Wood-framed Ice Fishing shack rental, shuttle on/off the ice, holes drilled, a fire started. (min 2 people)

Price per person= Weekday rate $200/night    Weekend rate $220/night (Weekends require a 2-night stay min.)


4. Fully guided: Contact us for details and pricing. 

"Save a little $": For overnight trips bring your own sleeping bag and towels and save $25/person. 


See Photos and Info on our Ice Fishing Accommodations & Services here Ice Fishing Stay and more

Please note at this time Manitoba Covid Rules have affected some of the services and how we can provide them. Please contact us and we can explain what we can do for you within the current rules. Some of the services below may not be allowed at this time.

We can also offer any of the below services:

  • Fully guided- book a guide for the day. $300/day. 
  • Fishing tackle- we can rent you the tackle you need to catch fish. $25/day ea. 
  • Meals with accommodations- must be pre-arranged, please ask for a price list.
  • Fish cleaning/packaging- have your catch filleted and packaged for transportation. $3/fish 
  • Bait- Must be prearranged for live bait.
  • Shuttle on/off the lake- $50 
  • We are open to other ideas to enhance your trip.

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