Whitetail Hunting Manitoba

Whitetail Hunting Manitoba

Now booking whitetail hunts for the 2020 & 2021 Manitoba hunting seasons. Call us for bookings and questions.

New for 2020  Archery and Muzzle loader season hunts! We have been hunting these beasts for a long time, and that helped us narrow down some great ambush spots for a Fair Chase Archery or Muzzle loader hunt. In both of those seasons you need to be in close and each has their own special undertakings for success. We want to show you what we have here!

Some of the positive points about this time of year/seasons are:

  1. Weather is generally more pleasant allowing for more comfortable sits which is what it takes to harvest a trophy buck.
  2. No other hunters, pressure is slim to none as residents are more interested in rifle season hunting.
  3. Days are longer which allows for a more full-filling day with a mid day break to do some activities like fishing or take a nap. Yup this should get your attention! (Only available with archery & early season muzzle-loader
  4. Possible velvet buck!
  5. Beautiful time of year with Fall change of colors.

Until our website is updated please contact us for dates and pricing for this hunt.


Fantastic Deer Hunting Area

Fantastic Deer Hunting Area

Riverside Lodge Manitoba whitetail deer hunting trips are held in some prime locations. From big bush surrounded by crop land to swamps, rivers and lakes. We call it the "Fringe". The area is known to produce very big deer with 180-200 inch deer a real possibility, which is what keeps many serious hunters coming back. However there are many very respectable bucks in the 130-150 range which is great deer no matter where they exist. The physical landscape of the forest is made up of many natural travel routes that the deer habitually use year after year. Due to low spots, Rivers, lakes, swamps, high ridges, we can set up where the deer want to be and take advantage of natural funnels and crossings. 

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Manitoba is Becoming a Whitetail Hot Zone

Manitoba is Becoming a Whitetail Hot Zone

Manitoba is gaining recognition for it's fantastic Fair Chase Whitetail hunting. You can be extra proud of your ability to kill a mature Buck on it's terms, in the wild. As all hunters know, it is no easy task fooling a Whitetail Buck.  It is arguably the most difficult game animal in North America to kill, so when you hang your Manitoba Trophy Whitetail on the wall, hang it a bit higher, because it stands out among the rest. There are trophy deer and there are Manitoba Trophy Deer, be extra proud.

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Manitoba Monster Whitetail Riverside Lodge

Scouting, Stands, Blinds and Weather

During Rifle season we pattern Rutting Bucks and feeding does to help us decide when to hunt a stand.  We have tree stands placed along open meadows, natural funnels, at junctions near bedding and feeding areas, and over looking a rub/scrape line and of course field edges along crop land.

These same locations are also great earlier in the Archery and ML season as the deer are very habitual and travel their territory regularly. We just need to get you in tighter for closer shooting. Places like these produce some fine hunting.

For Gun hunters we use our comfortable 4' by 3' tree stands, they are custom built for ample room and Safety. We can also "run and gun" with ladder stands and ground blinds to stay portable. Shots from 50 yards + are possible so practice .

For Archery we use a variety of treestands including our custom platform stands. The specific placement of them might be in areas with more cover and possibly a bit deeper into the bush, offering shorter shots on walking bucks. These stands might be between bedding and feeding areas and could require some walking to get to stand. 

All hunters have the option to hunt from a ground blind if they choose. They are great for a rainy days archery hunt and come with a Propane Heater on a Late season Rifle hunt so you have a place to warm up if cold!

Yes November rut weather can be very cold at times so at each stand we set up a ground blind w/heater. We don't ever stop hunting and spend the entire year tracking and noting deer behavior using the information to give us the "edge". When all things come together, you will get a chance at a great Manitoba Monster Buck. Like all of our hunters, you will have an adventure of real Canadian Fair Chase Whitetail deer hunting, let's talk about a hunt.

Bonus!  A main predator of these animals are the Timber Wolves. So if you see a wolf, shoot it! Your deer license allows you to take one wolf before your deer.

What To Expect

What To Expect

This page will tell you what you can expect on your Manitoba Whitetail Hunt Everything from what to bring to details of the hunt itself.

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Whitetail Hunting

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Our Blog

5th Buck of 2019 season


another great deer, this is a true Manitoba Monster! 

4th buck of 2019 whitetail season


this perfect specimen of our Whitetail deer. He has it all with nice mass and a blended dark to light coloration of it's antlers

First buck of 2019 season


I love this picture, it's my daughter Lily over her 2019 Whitetail buck,

2nd buck of 2019 season


He also made a fantastic shot with the buck running at 250+ yards, killed him with 1 shot! 

3rd buck of 2019 whitetail season


This was Alvin's 3rd season hunting with us and after passing several opportunities the past 2 years he decided this year he was going to harvest a buck for the freezer

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