2008 Duck Bay Youth hunt

2008 Duck Bay Youth hunt

September 02, 2008 by

We hunted from shore at a little flooded pond, same place as last year but less water. The teal really like it there so the action was steady, we shot 36 birds with 7 12 yr old hunters in 3 hours, pretty darn good. There was 2 pintails, 2 mallards, 1 spoony and the rest were blue and green wing teal. The weather held for us and made perfect overcast cool weather. Everyone really enjoyed themselves, another success, another battalion of definite hunters hitting the school steps today, armed with stories and knowledge they didn't have before.

It is a great feeling to hear about one of the kids talking on his way home saying "i had a great summer holiday, but this was the best part".

That's all it took, take them hunting.

and a big thanks from the kids to the mentors Chris Hoover, Sticky (Sticky's Bait and Tackle), Dwayne Zarichny,and sponsors DU, Delta Waterfowl and Manitoba Wildlife Federation

Above is a pic of the young hunters speaking on all of our behalf today and tomorrow.

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Lily graduated last Saturday from high school. We are so proud of her accomplishments and know she is going to add great things to the world as grows. 



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