Big Game Hunting Tips

Big Game Hunting Tips

Big Game Hunting Tips

January 21, 2017 by

Big Game Hunting Tips
Written by Gildas Paradis, Riverside Lodge, Manitoba

#1. Best free natural cover scent

Every big game hunter understands the challenges of scent control while hunting big game animals such as whitetail deer and black bear. Their olfactory capabilities are unimaginable to us humans. I never discourage anybody from using scent control methods as it just might make the difference. Using a cover scent though can work for you or against you. The wrong smell to the right animal could trigger alarm, especially if it is new or foreign to the area. A wise old bear for example will pick up on that store bought Anise spray and stop in his tracks.

Bait sites and GOOD deer stand locations are already places of Red Alert because it is a place many of their species will visit and spend time there. (This I another topic for later)

The best cover scent I have learned to use is free and is found in nature and is Eco-friendly. Spruce/Pine needles! They work great and best of all it doesn’t spook the critters! It is natural, found almost everywhere and is literally GREEN! Renewable and plentiful and it works. We always use it while hunting in a stand or blind, just grab a few off a tree and carry them in your pocket. While patiently waiting scrunch some up in your hand and rub the oils on your hat and coat, wherever. You will be amazed at the powerful smell it gives off. We also have some hanging as cover in our tree stands, which makes it available right in front of you. It won’t bring an animal in but it won’t scare them off either!

Don’t stop there, use it in your locker, closets, hunting bags, clothes bag, anywhere and anything. I always have some branches on the floor of my truck to cover up foul smells my boots may drag in and also is a great air freshener!  My trucks smell great, and so do my hunting clothes and gear. My buddy jumped into my truck and said "Wow, how come it smells like spruce in here? Smells good i like it." So do the animals.

Scent control year round!

Gildas Paradis
Riverside Lodge
Jan 21/17

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Looking to book a bear hunt in fall of 2018. I have shot 5 black bears, largest just over 500 lbs. Would like a good chance of getting a color phase. I am not a novelist Hunter, 67 yrs old in good shape, and started hunting sunny on my dad's shoulders. I have made several trips to Canada Quebec all over the United States hunting anything from turkeys two elk. Very interested in talking to you about a good bear hunt.

Jim Miller October 4, 2017 12:10 PM

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