Keys To Early Season Deer Hunting Success

Keys To Early Season Deer Hunting Success

September 03, 2008 by

Hi all you knuckle headed deer hunting freaks. It's Billy Bob here again. I hear that many of you want some early season deer hunting tips? Hey, you know Billy Bob doesn't dissapoint! Here's my best early season deer hunting tips.

Billy Bog knows that deer hunting early part of bow season can be easy. However, they won't stay in their Summer pattern long. Learn how to get on the deer quickly while they're still enjoying their Summertime routes.

You have to remember one thing when looking for Summertime Bucks. They're carrying around antlers on their heads that are covered with velvet that has millions of nerve endings and blood vessels in them. They know they have to protect their velvet from bugs and things that might scuff up their head gear.

They prefer to stay in semi-open terrain where there are breezes to keep the bugs and branches to a minimum.

I find many bucks in the same general area as Does during the Summer. Fields are a great place to glass in the mornings and evenings.

My favorite places to search for Summer Bucks are pipeline and power line right of ways. This is true especially if I'm scouting a new area or want to see what quality of Bucks the current area holds.

In some states, you can actually spotlight Deer at night. Just be sure to check your local regulations before doing this!

Summertime scouting for deer also gives you the chance to pattern the Does. Chances are they'll stick around the entire year. It helps to try and learn their patterns as well.

Of course, as the food sources change, so will the patterns. In agriculture areas, those patterns don't seem to change as much as they do in Deep Woods. Keep that in mind when you're scouting your hunting area.

Don't overlook watering holes. Although Whitetail Deer don't water like Cattle, in arid regions, especially as the Summer temps rise, they'll visit watering holes a lot more often than people think.

I've actually watched Does playing in an old Slough one year while Squirrel hunting. So expect the unexpected. Deer like water a lot more than hunters give them credit for.

I like to cruise rivers and large creeks and look for deer crossings. If I can find several on a stretch of the River, then I'll set up a ways away with binoculars or a spotting scope so I can see all the crossings. I'm looking for bucks that use these crossings and trying to find out which river crossing they may be using. This way, come hunting season, I can have my stand in the right place.

Early season buck hunting can be hot. So make sure you wear cool clothing and take along some water or other refreshments. It's not worth having a heat stroke over!

Billy Bob lives in Lousianna and considers hunting and fishing the only sport for real men. When he's not paddling his pirot through the swamps hunting gators, he's dreaming about deer hunting. Besides fishing, early season deer hunting is favorite thing to do.

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