Manitoba winter

Manitoba winter

Manitoba winter

November 07, 2022 by

Bear & waterfowl hunting is over for us, although birds are still here and flying from the open water on the lake to the bean and corn fields. Bears are still out but surely thinking about a long winter slumber now.

As for us, we're now in Whitetail deer hunting mode, and a little snow is always welcome. But it's only been winter for a day and we're already tired of it! Those early wet snow/rainy storms in November can cause a lot of grief as it turns cold and freezes everything not protected under shelter. 

But such is life in Canada, eveey year it takes a bit of climatizing to this new season. 

Good luck to all the hunters this fall, take only good shots!

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Manitoba winter


It's only been winter for a day and we're already tired of it! 

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