Winter Fishing

Winter Fishing

December 16, 2007 by

Well the fellas caught a few Walleye and Pike this weekend. Fried them up and i don't know if any made it to the freezer. "Ice water Jacks" is what i call Northern Pike caught through the ice, and they are mighty fine once you learn how to fillet them boneless.

Another tip for handling Pike is to wrap them in newspaper to soak up some of the slime and a piece of paper wrapped around it helps to hold them while you fillet them. Getting all the bones out is hard to explain but practice and a few tricks will have you enjoying them like we do. Hint, don't be scared to lose a bit of meat around the Y bones. On large pike you can cut out the meat in the Y and cook it too.

It is finally getting back to normal for temps, beautiful actually. Here's hoping it stays warm till Christmas.
We picked up the tree stands from our fall whitetail hunting season last week and we found Wolf tracks on the river and in the bush right here by the lodge. That is the closest i have ever seen them to the lodge, they must be getting hungry or brave. They are a very cautious, coward of an animal which makes them hard to trap and hunt. To have them right close is not normal, fox and coyote sure but wolves, not normal. I lined up some guys to come and help me reduce some numbers soon. I have a plan to surprise them, i'll let you know how we do with pictures i hope.

That's all for now, if you want to come kill a wolf now is the time, give us a call: 204-524-2472 or

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