Who is ready for fall 2017?

Who is ready for fall 2017?

Who is ready for fall 2017?

August 24, 2017 by

Who is ready for fall 2017?

The sounds of the geese overhead seems a bit early but fall always seems to sneak up on me. The nights are getting quite cool as I dig out the extra warm sleeping bags for the girls for their tenting excursion. A few leaves are even starting to turn and i have been on the lookout for a patch of poison ivy to turn red and expose itself. I always thought i knew what it looked like but despite all the handy pictures on google, I still can't id it with certainty. We suspect it is close because we had a bout with it twice this summer. I'll find it and take care of it to prevent the spread.

On the other hand we are still seeing bucks in velvet and spotted fawns. There was a hen mallard in the river with young that are less than half her size. Maybe fall isn't to close yet, who knows.

Next on our list starting in a week we begin the fall bear hunt. We have been baiting almost 2 weeks already and the bears are hungry. Berry trees are pulled down and baits are all being hit.

Sept 1st is the resident opener for waterfowl hunting and the girls are getting excited to pull on the camo and head to the fields and marsh with retriever Snoop wound up just like they are. 

Stay tuned as we head into fall chasing these fulltime critters on their turf.  

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