Training Sully

Training Sully

Training Sully

August 08, 2018 by

Training Sully:

This year my dream finely came true, to be responsible for a dog that I hope will one day be my shadow dog, and so far it’s looking pretty good. And better yet, I’m training him to retrieve so that maybe sometime next fall we can go hunting together! His mother is a retriever so I am hoping he will follow in her footsteps. Sully is very intelligent active and is always eager to learn.  My parents have agreed to let me be responsible for him and let me sleep with him. And in the morning when we wake up, sully gets so excited to see everyone! He wags his tail so fast, all you see is a tan blur going side to side with a huge "doggie" smile on his face! He also loves to play with our 4 other dogs. My parents think that we are crazy to have 5 dogs, but what’s so wrong with being crazy? And for me, it’s just another dream come true.


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