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Welcome to Riverside Lodge, One of Manitoba’s Finest Hunting and Fishing Lodges and Outfitters! Here you will find 2 historical hunting and Fishing lodges in the Manitoba Parkland. Both locations have passed the test of time producing quality game for many years. We are also one of Canada's most trustworthy Outfitters, also proven over the years, and we wouldn't operate any other way. We understand that you are looking for the best hunting experience money can buy, and your time is also precious. Our Manitoba hunting trips are more than an average hunt and we won't waste your time nor money. Fun, exciting, adventurous, memorable and Safe are just a few words to describe our hunting trips. From clouds of waterfowl, coveys of Upland, massive Black Bear, elusive Whitetail Deer and Wolves, Manitoba truly does have all this and more. Knowing this is why many will book a combo hunt with us.

Everyone likes catching fish, we have some of the best walleye fishing anywhere! Ice fishing Shacks-come try that out for a weekend of absolute winter fun!

Lakes full of fish, mixed woods with only game trails and waterways to navigate around the swamps and lakes(no people), marshes, islands, bays and lakes that attract scores of waterfowl, particularily Redheads and Canvasbacks! Perfect habitat, perfect game populations, perfect hunting trips.

Look at our index on the left and click the species you are interested in. Also browse our other many pages for loads of info and pictures and videos. You can contact us anytime toll free, email or click here for a quick reply of rates and information.

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Over the years we have expanded our hunting locations in Manitoba.

Hunt and Fish from:

  • -Majestic Waterfowl Hunting and Fishing Lodge on the banks of the Valley River and shore of Lake Dauphin.
  • -Secluded Big Game Camp with all the amentities of home, on the banks of the Sclater River which is the gateway to our 5 million acres of exclusive Big Game hunting allocation.
  • -Every man's Dream Camp in the middle of nowhere. 4 log cabins on the shore of pristine Pelican Lake.
  • -Several Remote Wilderness Tent Camps, where we sleep and eat with the bears!


Our many years of success are attributed to consistently high-performance hunting results, plentiful game, beautiful scenery, excellent meals and of course, our warm and friendly hospitality – all this coupled with our clean and comfortable accommodations.


“It’s about the entire experience– Maximizing your hunting trip!”

Riverside is one of the few places that can boast about wonderful hunting for such an amazing array of species! Our local ecosystem in Manitoba is a unique world-class playground of extraordinarily great hunting for the migration of 14+ species of ducks, Canada geese and Snow geese, Upland birds, Monster Black Bear and of course – amazing Manitoba Whitetail Deer.


The Manitoba Monsters run wild in this fair chase hunting mecca of the world. Having a quick look at our Maps page, you’ll see a great perspective of our location revealing just exactly how big an area allocation we actually do have. Our Big Game allocation is approximately 8000 square miles (5 million acres) for Manitoba Deer hunting, and is ours exclusive for our Black Bear hunting. Our big lake is 2100 square miles (180 miles long), plus all the small lakes and marshes, it really is great.

“Riverside Lodge in Manitoba Canada – Totally Different, not a run of the mill Canada Hunting trip"

Imagine the excitement as you and your hunting party share such a large area all to yourselves – no roads, no stores, no traffic and no other commercial establishments for many miles. This area is truly a Pristine Wilderness location made up of lakes, swamps, rivers, marshes and more. Here we offer a highly unique adventure highlighted by big game, massive forest cover and pristine lakes sparkling in the early morning day break. And an adventure it is, no matter what we are hunting, it will not compare to anywhere else. With massive forest boardering the 11th largest lake in North America, completely void of any roads, hunting here spells adventure and fantastic opportunity. Conservation policies since 1961 have protected and encouraged our massive big game and plentiful waterfowl to flourish – this has created the most magnificent and healthy animals for your hunt. An abundance of food, water and shelter for these animals combined with our advanced conservation techniques has paid off – and will pay handsome dividends for your hunting party here at Riverside Lodge in Manitoba CANADA.

“Experts in Safety and Equipment – Our knowledgeable guides enhance your valuable time at Riverside Lodge”

Our massive allocation area is largely UN-navigable by the untrained. With years of expertise in safety and equipment, our hunting guides get your hunting party to the right area, with a consistently high success year after year. We’re accessible by road, but the huge mass of wilderness protects our game and quickly expands into a potentially dangerous situation for the untrained hunter. Our top notch guiding services coupled with strict safety policies and the right equipment may cause you a little higher ticket price initially but quickly pay off huge dividends in your overall experience and the memories that we help you create. You’re in good hands at Riverside! In fact, many seek the exact exclusivity that we offer and many times the only people that you’ll see are those that you shared breakfast with in the morning! It’s that sweet!



We, at Riverside Lodge make no guarantee on harvesting of game, even though it is our main objective. However, we do guarantee great food, great accommodation and above all a real honest effort. If you're interested in possibly harvesting some beautiful game while exploring wonderful Manitoba Canada, then come hunt with us….You will not be sorry you did. Our goal is to provide quality, safe, comfortable trips, earn your confidence, and have you as a client for years to come. Please feel free to call us with your questions; We are at the end of your phone line.

A trip to Riverside Lodge in Manitoba Canada is your hunting trip of a lifetime, sure to be booked year after year by generations of hunters in your family. Feel free to contact us for information on our hunts.


We look forward to having you join us,

Gildas & Joanne Paradis & Family
Riverside Lodge, Manitoba Canada

"Quite possibly the best hunt you will ever have"

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