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Blonde and Cin 2014 at bait

Here is a hunter arrowwing a nice big cinnamon, with a blonde right behind it! Lots of color at our baits, lots!

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Lake ice dec 4 2016

No ice fishiong yet, bay is frozzen but main lake wide open.

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Some great field mallard hunting

This is how good we have it!

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Location of the Lodge proximity to the Waterfowl Mecca of Manitoba

Just experimenting with the new drone. Check out the proximity of the Lodge to the water and grain fields that surround us.Next videos will show all the birdsin these fields and marshes/lakes!

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Nice little buck

Watch in the background, there is another buck running his scrape line!

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Fall 2016 field goose hunting action

Some action in the field this fall.

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Running mid day buck

mid day buck

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Custom 4 guage shotgun

Andy fires his 4 guage shotgun!

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2015 Riverside Lodge Ice Fishing start up

Here is an update to our winter ice fishing packages. Getting a great start on what we can offer! Walleye fishing on famous lake Dauphin, through the ice! Check out the accommodations!

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Travel Manitoba Waterfowl hunting commercial

Here is the waterfowl commercial, also very good. That waterfowl commercial was produced with the help of Birdtail Waterfowl north of Winnipeg, owner Paul Concrate. Great guy and outfitter. Also president of the MLOA.

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