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What to Expect on your Manitoba Hunt

Included in all the hunts:

  • All applicable taxes
  • Clean, warm private accommodations
  • All bedding, towels, etc
  • Daily housekeeping
  • 3 hearty mouthwatering meals/day
  • Transportation equipment, ATV/Boat use (boats are all Government inspected and carry all required Safety equipment)
  • Fuel for hunting equipment
  • Assortment of major hunting equipment
  • 1 guide per 2-3 hunters
  • Friendly personal service and use of all facilities
  • Big game trophy handling and freezer.
  • Deboning of meat to take home.
  • Expert service, professional outfitter
  • Friendly atmosphere and laughter

 Not included:

  • Hunting Licenses/permits
  • Ammunition
  • Personal hunting equipment
  • Bird Processng
  • Alcohol beverages
  • Gratuities
  • Transportation nor accommodations immediately before and after scheduled hunt booking

The weather is usually very pleasant in September and October but some mornings can be quite cold. Temps range from 75 F to 40 F.

It may snow in October but more likely in November and December. One should be prepared for winter weather after approximately November 1st when temperatures can be 10 F and colder.

Hunting in winter conditions can be pleasant so long as one is properly dressed, and the necessary equipment is available.

I can help you with all the paperwork for entering into Canada. It is not difficult at all and the gun declaration form is only $25. What is important is that you have all the paperwork ready before you arrive at customs. Taking home game is also easy and we take care of packaging it in the appropriate way. You can bring 200 rounds of ammo per hunter.

Frequently asked Questions

Do we need to clean our birds?
No, we have several people in the area that will clean your birds for a small fee

What size shot? How many?
Call us and we can talk specifics.

Do you have to hunt with strangers?
When hunting from boats or for big game, no you do not, unless you are a single waterfowl hunter and we do not charge the extra Single Hunter fee.

When hunting field geese, we may set up 2 groups on the same decoys but only if the particular set up allows and the number of hunters is small. We make sure all shooting zones, and Safe practices are followed by all.

What about only 1 Waterfowl hunter?
We can pair you up with another at times or you can pay a Single Hunter fee.

What is the limit on Redheads and Canvasbacks?
No species restrictions here! Full limits of any species.

After I shoot a bear, what do I do then?
You can take advantage of our beautiful relaxing scenery or speak with us about other possible options.

If I wound an animal, is my hunt over?
Yes, if you hit the animal your hunt is over. 


We try to run the most ethical and legal Lodge in all respects and ask you to follow our few rules.

Alcohol is not permitted while hunting or immediately before the hunt. Once the hunt is over and the guns packed up, you are more than welcome to refresh your thirst.

Our Guides do not shoot with you or carry firearms into the field. (only on bear hunts)

All reasonable efforts will be made to retrieve crippled ducks and wounded animals. We will stop the hunt to retrieve a cripples so that we do not accidentally go over our limits and we practice good ethics. We will decide when to give up on tracking a wounded animal, and we look hard and long, so shoot straight and true.

We also do encourage our clients to bring along their calls and to use them if they wish.

Well behaved retrievers are more than welcome. However dogs are not allowed in the cottages or Lodge.

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