2016 deer hunting season

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We are in the final days of Whitetail hunting as the season ends this Sunday. It has been a very odd year weather wise. It is still above freezing temps which is not normal at all! The warm weather has affected the deer movement as the Does do not need to feed as often. This limits the activity to only a few short hours each day, aside from rutting bucks chasing the hot does out of their beds. The lack of snow also adds several major challenges such as:

1. No fresh tracks. 2. Hard to see them as they blend into the surroundings (snow contrasts the deer outline) 3. Much more difficult to follow a blood trail.

As i write this we have 3 hunters on their last day today, still waiting for the big buck to show up. It has been a tough season this fall mostly due to crazy abnormal weather. We are hunting very prospective areas with great Rub and Scraping activity at all the stands. The hunters have been real troopers putting in the time and for some it has paid off with some respectable bucks. No real monsters in yet but maybe this evening we will be skinning one.

Next week i will post all the pictures from this season, stay tuned we have some very nice ones to post.

Something i learned this year, i need a different truck that nobody knows is mine. The local road warrior hunters have figured out where they see me, there are big bucks, and they try to get in on my action. Frustrating, and might have to look at leasing some of these prime spots and tie it up. Hate to do it as it is not my style, but C'est La Vie, gotta do what i gotta do.

Good hunting

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